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The Creator Within

How do we create our world?

Day 15 - July 23, 2021 – Wow, I am halfway, 15 of 30 days complete!

"Nature Speak 2" - 7.23.21

Just did my art piece; decided to continue yesterday's theme of nature's beauty. I did a second piece – letting the rocks arrange themselves amidst a river of sand – couldn’t resist because yesterday’s piece was too much fun. I'm also in a hurry, too much to do.

I don't like hurrying in general and especially not when creating, which brings me to a realization I had on the walk home from the studio yesterday.

I was contemplating the term “artist” and while I’m comfortable calling myself an artist, I prefer the term creator because it is all-encompassing, and reflects my true nature and how I feel called to express it.

It doesn’t matter the medium – food, beverage, words, pictures – I like to create. Period. Something from nothing, things discarded by others, beach glass, nature’s gifts - overlooked pebbles, rocks, sticks and stones, shells.

But there’s so much more- foods unknown to others in their natural, unprocessed form – vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds – unique, unusual - pieces and parts discarded – stems, husks, leaves, pits, skins… I love connecting flavors, textures, cultures, and cuisines…

I like to write stream of consciousness, not carefully crafted, but threads that flow through me unbidden, organic, un-orchestrated. There’s a purity here, innocence and safety, beyond intellect and ego. It’s what I enjoy.

I take pleasure in all forms of creation – events, encounters, conversations, relations. That's who I am and how I want to unite my avocation and my vocation, my head and my heart, my spirit, and my soul… through creation.


I love this theme! Though I am hurried today, the turtle slowed the hummingbird enough to receive today's whisperings, and I feel full, beautiful, and joyous.

Now home to finalize the article I've been writing about the world needing to engage in an “Evolution Revolution”...


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

What word best describes your nature?


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project? Is it time to LEAP?

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