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Creating Love

Day 29-August 6, 2021-ONE

"All One Thing" - 8.6.21

Today started with energy. I woke up before the alarm and wanted to walk to the beach with Lila before my chiropractic appointment. On Fridays I have been driving to the lake after my appointment, but I didn’t want to take the day off from walking!

Then at the beach a new theme arrived—peace. Everything I picked up felt serene, soothing, quiet, and I found three pieces of blue glass. Writing this, I realize I get so pumped up from making art that I should always write immediately afterwards.

Amazing that this realization is arriving on day 29 of this 30-day project. One of the most powerful gifts of this project—discovering that creating art sequences with my writing—comes as I end this cycle! Huh, look what I learned!

There is so much more to create, so much more art, so many more words to be strung together. The next project will continue with this theme.


Unbelievable that there’s only one more day. I loved today’s artwork. It started with an idea for writing a word in alcohol ink, but when I added more color, it immediately overshadowed what I’d written. Total fail, but I didn’t care.

I turned it into a beautiful alcohol ink color collage and at the end, decided to try adding a word—one—and it worked! So, I added the letter “B” above it resonated; I love it.

Are you supposed to love your own work? Is that egotistical?

I think no because if you are doing what you love, being love through doing, the natural result is creation of a loved thing. It’s kind of like the saying “do whatever you love, and the money will come.”

This just feels right.


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

What do you love to do or be? Try doing more of that!


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project? Is it time to LEAP?

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