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The Six Selves

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We begin with spirituality, the core of our being. It represents our soul, and all that we were born to become. It reflects our natural inclinations, our way of being in the world, and our individual genius.

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Our physical self is the vessel we use to experience earthly life. This dimension is governed by our behavioral habits - what we eat, how we move, when we sleep, and how we care for ourselves in dis-ease.

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Our emotional space reflects how we think and behave in relation to:

-expressing emotions,

-coping with stress, and

-adapting to changes in ourselves & our environment.

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Our social being manages our relationships with others, groups and our community. It thrives on communication & interaction, and is affected by our need for solitude, connection and love.

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Our intellectual self collects sensory data, processes information, makes decisions & thinks critically. We strive to create new neural networks, revise & refine brain maps, and engage memory patterns.

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Here we come full circle.

Our purpose for being, at the level of the soul, is expressed simultaneously through our daily work, and our passionate calling by discovering and pursuing "Right Livelihood."

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