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The Whole Wellness Project, LLC

Terms of Service, Medical Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

Use of the website indicates on its face an agreement to be bound by the site’s Terms of Use, Medical Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.


This website is not intended as a substitute for, or an alternative to, medical care, advice, or diagnostic testing. The information and guidance provided in website materials, workshop courses, videos and recordings, in addition to all written materials, is intended to supplement the care, advice and diagnosis of the user’s medical doctor, and other primary healthcare professionals, such as, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, registered dieticians, and the like.


Users should not make any changes to their medical care plan based on information included on this website. Should information included in any of the website materials noted above conflict with that of the user’s primary healthcare team, users should discuss any desired changes to their care plan with the appropriate provider prior to making any changes in diet, exercise, supplements or medications.  Users suffering from diagnosed medical or psychological conditions should discuss any intended changes to their activities of daily living with an appropriate medical professional. Seek medical attention, or call 911, in case of a medical emergency.

Guidance provided on website regarding exercise, physical activity, fitness, and movement conforms to best practices of the American College of Sports Medicine. Users should be aware that all physical activity, including but not limited to strength training, stretching and cardiovascular activity, come with some degree of risk of injury, which can include serious disability or death. Users who are unaccustomed to physical activity and/or intend to significantly increase their frequency or intensity of physical activity should consult their physician prior to doing so. Users agree to assume responsibility for all inherent risks associated with practicing any movement activities recommended by The Whole Wellness Project, LLC and agree to hold the organization harmless should any untoward events occur as a result.

Use of constitutes the users agreement to all terms and conditions described on this page. Engaging in any activities, protocols, regimens, or learning experiences suggested by The Whole Wellness Project, LLC, and/or Michelle Thall, PhD are done at the sole discretion of the user. Based upon the Terms of Use described herein, the user agrees to hold the The Whole Wellness Project, LLC and Michelle Thall, PhD harmless in the event of any untoward events that arise as a result of use of information or engagement in said activities.


Michelle Thall is not a medical doctor and does not represent herself as a licensed physician. Dr. Thall is a Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology with specialization in Behavioral Aspects of Physical Activity and Exercise.


Privacy Policy

Collection of User Personal Information

As part of an effort to provide whole person wellness solutions to users of, personally identifiable information may be collected. This information may include, but is not limited to:


  • First and Last Name

  • E-mail Address

  • Phone Number

  • Address

  • Areas of interest in wellness services and educational information

  • Billing and credit card information

  • Personal sensitive data shared through message boards, virtual connections or in-person connections.


Such information will not be shared with any third parties, and will be kept confidential to the greatest degree possible, considering limits of dissemination of information within the internet environment and the security protocols provided by the hosting internet service provider. The Whole Wellness Project, LLC does not sell, rent or share customer lists with any Third Party.


Waiver of Liability for Acts of Third Parties

This website includes links to Third Party websites in order to provide the user additional information regarding a variety of wellness protocols, as well as connections to other organizations that ascribe to aspects of whole person wellness and self-compassion. The Whole Wellness Project, LLC is not responsible for the content of such Third Party websites and cannot guarantee that information provided by such websites will continue to offer reliable guidance in relation to health and wellness. Whenever possible, links to Third Party websites that have altered content to such a degree will be removed.

Tracking User Behavior

As is standard practice on the internet and world wide web, user site behavior is tracked on this site for the purpose of evaluating effectiveness of the information provided and to determine which services and information are relevant to users. Collected data and analytics are used to customize materials appropriate for different users and to deliver content best suited for each user. Users who subscribe to this website will receive periodic email correspondence provided to update the user regarding offerings, events and changes to services. Users may unsubscribe at any time, for any reason by contacting Dr. Thall at, or by clicking opt-out links provided within all email correspondence.

Service Limitations

The Whole Wellness Project, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any user should the user fail to comply  with: standard business practices, generally accepted behavior within classroom, workshop or group support settings, and any requests of The Whole Wellness Project, LLC in regard to interactions within any portion of the website.

Users agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit any information provided by The Whole Wellness Project, LLC or without written consent of Dr. Michelle Thall.

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