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What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion (SC) has 3 components:

  • Self-Kindness

  • Mindfulness

  • Common Humanity​​

SC is a soothing balm we can apply to ourselves in times of suffering, an active therapy we use to remind ourselves we are each worthy of love, respect, kindness and comfort

"just as we are!"

Each component of SC varies on a continuum with an unpleasant alter ego:


Self Criticism               Self Kindness

Negative Reactivity               Mindfulness

Isolation                Common Humanity

candle goddess

"...but if we don't have the time and the willingness to take care of ourselves, how can we offer any genuine care to people we love?" 

Often, instead of being self-compassionate, we beat ourselves up for our perceived mistakes, failures and inadequacies. This makes us feel worse instead of better. It doesn't facilitate improvement or change, it just takes us further down.


Funny thing is, if someone we love makes a mistake, we tend to be compassionate, we try to help, tell them it's OK, try to re-frame the situation, or at the very least, comfort them.


But most women tend to do the opposite if they are the ones making the mistake! The origins of this seeming oddity may lie in the fact that we don't LOVE OURSELVES. That is a mighty shame because we are each a gift from God to the world.

Change Begins Within.

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