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Self-Compassion: Celebrate What's Working...

Instead of Ruminating about what isn't

Day 4 – July 1, 2021 - Excitement & Energy Abound

Today’s experience is different – more vibrant, just like the beach! I walked there at a rapid pace today, spurred by the need to do so much in a short period. The turtle in me wanted to be cautious, but the excitement to get to the water was too great.

Today Lila was with me, and she wanted to get her paws in the water so bad. She kept trying to yank me in there, but I stood my ground, seeking treasure and staying just inches away from the surf. She did get a little of what she wanted when a wave blocked by the cement pier shot upward at the last minute and soaked her up to her little puppy armpits! She was surprised, but happy, and didn’t jump away.

I found a variety of weathered rocks and glass, but the cool find today was a plastic kids’ ring with a great big star on it. So, it is the focal point of today’s art. I feel fabulous – I had a real workout walk, Lila got her exercise too, I just made fun art, and I feel so much energy.

Four days into my 30-day project… wonder what tomorrow will bring?

"Wonder Woman," 7.12.21

Four days of beach walks, three days in the studio making four pieces of art, five days of writing in my new journal – I feel FABULOUS!

I haven’t got all my ducks in a row, but I am working my project, and that is what’s important.

The open piece - what goes where and is what I'm writing enough? And for what?

Not sure of the question or the answer... but, I hold tight to my faith. I must be patient; it will come, which is why I’m here, in this moment. Writing helps me figure things out. If I have a question, can't quite see my way to an answer, but I know it's locked somewhere within my six selves, I bring it to the journal and let them tell me my truth.

I want to post on Medium, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and of course my website, but what to put where and how is not clear. I'm reminded of Amy Adams in the movie Julia & Julia where she cooked her way through the Joy of Cooking in 365 days. A much bigger challenge than my 30-day challenge, but she blogged about it each day - what she made, how it went, problems, solutions, stories. There is a similarity to what I’m doing - walking, treasure hunting, and making art.

There is so much to write - about the art, the feelings it brings up, the beach walk, and which part of me it touches each day. Today my six selves are balanced, harmonious, and even integrated, but sometimes they war as I try to balance and integrate my outer and inner worlds.

This project is requiring me to be self-compassionate; I don’t know how to do what I’m doing, but I’m learning, and that’s OK. Still, where does all this go?

Patience my child, the goddess within will tell you in time…


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

What can you celebrate today? What can you choose NOT to ruminate about?


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project? Is it time to LEAP?

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