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When the External World Reflects our Inner World

Humanity vs Nature

Day 22-July 30, 2021–Nature's Fury

"Armageddon" - 7.30.21

Today's beach walk put me in the direct path of annihilation, not of myself, but of our impending planetary doom.

I got to the beachfront and was shocked to see the sand I walked just one week ago taken over by concrete boulders. Strong undercurrents and massive waves over the last two days wreaked havoc on my favorite stretch of peace.

It’s made the lifeguards fidgety. They hesitate, trying to decide when to holler at beachgoers thinking about putting their toes, limbs, and then their bodies into the churning waters. As I navigate the chunks of concrete, searching for my little treasures surf size waves fling more monstrous slabs up onto the sand like they're showing off.

It felt like Armageddon; the nightmare I can’t quite shake, but unleashed on the world.

As I drove to the studio thoughts of today's art crossed my mind and all I could think of was darkness and army green clumps of rolled steel invading my dream world.

So today I will not frame nature's beauty, rather the bleakness of my Armageddon.

Somehow strangely quiet-dread, desperation, horror visited upon us when we believe we can do better than nature herself.

I like the idea of creating my nightmare scape out loud, visually picturing the discomfort and bringing it to life-another purpose of art.


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

Where do you see evidence of climate change?


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project? Is it time to LEAP?

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