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The 10th day of a 30-day LEAP

A day of reflection.....

Day 10 - July 18, 2021 – Creating Oneness Within

There aren’t words to say fully how fabulous I’m feeling. It’s beyond what I could have imagined. It’s feeding all of my 6 selves – enveloping them in sacred self-compassion – and then integrating them. That integration is a component of the “wholeness” or “oneness” equation that I hadn’t previously considered.

"Circles & Cycles" - 7.18.21

When each of my 6 selves is getting what it needs, being nurtured, respected, trusted, loved – they all seem to stop quibbling with each other, and begin to enmesh, work together. I always knew that wellness results in exponential success, possibility, power, energy, potential, but I didn’t appreciate how and why. It’s because the 6 selves work together in a kaleidoscopic way!

Somehow this seems like creating a piece of art… when they are all aboard, I am whole. As ONE, with 6 fully-functioning selves collaborating, I can accomplish things I couldn’t dream of before… Like the 10 pieces of art sitting on the table at the studio.


It is very clear that this project is feeding each of my 6 selves….



Investment of energy, exercise, cardio via walking, walking in the sand challenges balance, squatting is my muscle conditioning, maintaining good posture is solid core conditioning, my senses are fully engaged.


Sensory engagement leads to a natural state of mindfulness, staying present, feeling powerful, directing my life, taking time by myself, letting my thoughts wander, feeling however I feel… hopeful, sad, happy, whatever comes up – indulging it!


Community, spontaneous conversations, meeting new people on my walks, at the beach, in the art studio, chatting and observing, feeling connected and a sense of common humanity.


The sense of purpose I carry each day as I walk, seek, create... I am uniting my heart and my mind, always a larger mission in my life, and becoming my kaleidoscopic self!  

Vocational / Avocational

As I strive to see how this project fits into my career, my business, and my passion, I am consciously aware that this is creating a model for what I want, how I want to feel, what I have to offer. I am beginning to see that it is all possible and will evolve just as it’s meant to! I can stop pushing the river and let it flow on its own!


As I process what I’m doing, accomplishing, creating – I’m just beginning to see how the 6 selves can transform from hungry ghosts to fully-functioning parts of me that work together, integrate. I think my selves have lived in fear of each other, jockeying for attention. But now they seem more trusting of each other, no longer enemies, considering becoming one with each other and the whole that is me. 


Today’s art: Circles and cycles, beginnings and endings

Do we continue to go around, re-tracing the same circle, or are we able to tighten or expand the circle slightly so that we progress, evolve, transform... become?

I collected circular shaped rocks - none perfect - but nature has its own perfection. Man-made circles are anything but perfect. Circles and cycles, life cycles and patterns… I loved creating rounds of alcohol ink colors, layers of circular shapes, and adding round stones; the juxtaposition was so gratifying.


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

Which of your six selves could use a little Self-Compassion right now?

How can you express it?


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project?

Is it time to LEAP?

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