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In the Flow, Time Stands Still

Signs & Synchronicity

Day 26-August 3, 2021-Sawubona

"Sawubona" - 8.3.21

Hello it’s me.

I’m tarnished, battered, bruised, rusty but beautiful! Just like the piece of metal I found at the beach just now, odd and incredible, like a replica of the African continent.

I’m not sure what this is about except for maybe evolution and new levels of consciousness, brought about by the work I’ve been doing with multiple levels of my six selves and self-compassion and community.

This piece of metal is gorgeous and will replace the 30th piece of tile I would have used to do one of my days of art. When my mom was here this weekend, we did art together, and she used one of my 30 tiles, so I was going to go to the tile store and buy another, but now I don’t have to.

This feels pre-ordained; today’s art is going to be on the African continent!


Today was way cool, a miraculous energy day. The piece of metal I found on the beach became Africa. I attached it to a piece of shelving I found in the alley; ripped on all four corners out of a larger unit, it was propped against a building, spent. Adding a few well-placed rocks, the African continent came into view.

I felt compelled to honor the metal in the same way I’ve been drawn to all things African the last few years—uBuntu, Adrinkra, Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine, The Cooking Gene by Michael Twitty. I’m not sure it conveys the full reverence I have for this land, its past, people, suffering, but it’s a start.

And being able to adorn the land with a piece of red beach glass; it’s beyond amazing. Red beach glass is as rare as it comes; in 25 years of beach combing, I’ve only found one chip and today, a chunk! Part of me wanted to keep that red jewel to myself, but it was meant for Africa; I couldn’t hold on to it.

I also landed a rock that was the perfect complement to the metal—incredible. And all of this after yesterday… new beginnings, my rusty old self having new growth, just like the baby plants I tended and re-potted.

Today was also body focused. Walking was innervating, the way I could feel each muscle from toe to hip exerting just the right force, tension, control to coordinate my turtling gait.

Fragile and powerful simultaneously, I made each step count toward the lakefront. Then stealthily hunting treasure in the sand, turning back to reach the studio in just under an hour.

Time must have played games. How could I have covered all that ground, turtling, in one hour?


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

What is drawing you in today? Can you indulge it?


Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project? Is it time to LEAP?

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