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A 30-Day Project is Born:

Day 1, July 9, 2021 - Just Do It!

"Freedom," July 9, 2021

I walked to the beach, picked up glass, shell, rock… and an idea was born. As I returned home, a project formed itself. Every day do a beach walk and collect whatever presents itself, then do art with it. Or if I see something miraculous like a grasshopper sitting on the rocky beach, just out of reach of the waves - take a picture and use it in the art.

Then write whatever is inspired by the walk, the finds, the art. Do this every day as a practice - mindfulness, community, nature, my body engaged in movement, a spiritual quest…

This feels like the idea of doing a vision quest, born back in February of 2018 at the beginning of my journey to wholeness.

How long should I do it?

Don't know, but 30 days can work as a start, an initial goal, then see where it takes me. More - the art and writing, separately or in combination, I can post on social media, Medium, and my website.

Wait, I can also do a goal-setting project alongside the wellness project… In fact, they are one in the same! The goal-setting framework I created when I taught in academia can be re-structured, the focus shifted from outcome to process. I can use it to outline my project, refine it, make a plan.


I can share the framework with others, and find a way for people to connect and work on their projects together - support, encouragement, resources… I really like this - the experience itself - how the project touches all dimensions of wellness - how it is perfect for me in this moment. It gets me to the studio, gets me to create art, gets me to write and… the beach. It is also self-compassionate because it takes me where I love to be every day.

It's a celebration of Rogers Park and community!

If I can't walk or my back hurts, I can take the Lunt bus. Sometimes Lila (my trusty pup) can join me, but she doesn't have to. The 30 days are about me!

If I want to go to my mom's place for the weekend, I can go early to the beach, then go to her place, stay over, and come back the following afternoon or evening so I don't have to miss a beach walk.


I'm a little afraid of committing to doing this but it feels so right. The ideas for the art are endless… I like the idea of squares as part of a larger piece, or I can organically create art from an empty canvas and add to it each day, or I can make individual pieces some just with beach finds, some with photos, some with pictures from magazines and watercolor… Or, and this is my favorite option, I can do all of these!

The writing may be essays, memoir, poetry, wellness topics, and I can save themes to write on in the future. Another layer of writing may be my take on this process as it unfolds. What it's like, how it's going - almost like journaling the experience, which is perfect because that will help with the tracking component of the goal-setting model.

This is so “WOW” that every time I think I'm finished writing there is more to say.


What about the FEAR?

Can I put aside my fear of committing to doing this thing long enough to just say:

“I am going to do this F***ing thing”???

Or better yet, as my friend Erica would say:

“I'm not F***ing around anymore.”

No more BS and baggage!

Take imperfect action NOW!


Until tomorrow...


What imperfect action could you take right now?

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