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Human Connection is Highly Underrated

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Synchronicity & Serendipity

Day 9 - July 17, 2021 – Divinity in Human Connection

I was supposed to get Lila to the groomer by 10:00 AM but they called early and said the groomer had a family emergency and they had to cancel my appointment. So, I decided to walk to the beach early, love the serendipity here. My day would have been jam-packed, and the beach walk would have been rushed and stressful. The cancellation opened things up and what transpired, as a result, was equally serendipitous.

On day two or three of this 30-day project, I met a woman named Mary Margaret dropping stuff off at the food pantry a couple of blocks from my place. She was in her car waiting for traffic to clear so she could exit the parking lot, and her car was blocking the sidewalk.

Suddenly a ginormous dog head stuck itself out the back window and stared at me with great big eyes. I am partial to the square set of the Boxer face, and this dog looked just like Bailey, the wonderful dog who was my girl Eppy’s doggy boyfriend many years ago.

The woman behind the staring wheel glanced over at me, letting her opening in traffic pass her by.

“Can I say hi to your dog?” I asked.

“Of course,” she nodded, “His name is Rufus.”

We talked while I petted Rufus. I found out that she and her dog lived where I had just returned from – Greenleaf and the lake. I told her I was headed home after a beach walk and lived just two blocks west on the same street – Greenleaf.


Fast-forward to today, I'm down on the beach finishing my treasure hunt, about to head back home when I see a big boxer dog coming toward me. I squint and stare - thinking - what are the chances that's Rufus? Then I see Mary Margaret trailing slightly behind the dog and I know for sure it is them.

I wave, and Rufus heads my way; I’m ecstatic and quickly close the distance between us. Immediately I felt a connection – amazing, electric energy buzzing between us.

There is a reason why we've met, I don't know what it is, but she feels it too. We talked about art education and teaching, and she promised to look me up at the Greenleaf Art Center where I have my studio. I feel strongly that there's something here; so many coincidences had to happen to put us in each other's paths today.


My art is going to be amazing today! It's about the beauty in the smallest, simplest things. It will be minimalist - a Zen garden. I see a swoopy line in the sand and a circle and rocks placed amongst the lines. Oh my God, today's rocks are so cool - rocks with landscapes in them, ridges, and layers. I felt some of this energy coming yesterday, but now it's in full force.


The impact, intensity, and depth of such a small, simple thing… Connecting with her today was miraculous. It confirmed what I already believed to be true, that in the right moment you can experience things that seem to take forever to reach – love, integration, community. You can talk with someone in passing, someone you hardly know, and it can trigger something deep inside; I was drowning in energy, emotion, soul.

It's all coming because of this project I am invested in, and how it’s connected to investment in community. As I walk, meander, and meet my neighbors, I'm amazed and in awe of this neighborhood. I am home here, where I belong.


As I walked, my thoughts were so clear, the electrical current was still alive.

I need to consider making the leap to a bigger space, beyond the studio. A space that is mine first, so I can spread out, give workshops, real, in-person, live not virtual. I need to make a leap of faith. This brings me to investment, funds, and yeah, I'm scared of that, but I've got August, September, and October to figure it out.
I can talk with my business mentors about it, and I'm already progressing. This project is elevating me to another level and since this project started, I've been feeling wonderfulness and joy bubbling up inside me, passion has returned, and along with it, this undefinable energy.
This is all leading to something bigger, almost like I'm experiencing the tip of an iceberg, when you know beneath it there is something immense. But instead of a downward trajectory, what's happening now feels like I’m climbing a hill, but beyond the hill, there is a great, big mountain rising into the clouds. It's going to accelerate exponentially and become more than I can imagine from my limited sphere of existence.


From the vantage point of NOW

Fascinating that the mountain symbolism, the peak rising into the clouds has appeared two days in a row without me realizing it at the time. I’m also thinking about yoga and meditation and mountain pose, and how the mountain with its majesty and power is somewhat otherworldly to me.

When I meditate, sitting cross-legged on my block, I channel that image. On a good day, my body begins to feel heavy, yet the longer I sit it seems to disintegrate into nothingness. I feel my body no more, but I am as one with the mountain.

This is a message to formalize my meditation practice, which has gone by the wayside much over the last few weeks.

No worries, time to begin again, Michelle.


Until tomorrow... For Your Consideration...

Who or what brings you energy? Connect to it when you need it.

Do you want to create your own 30-Day Project?

Is it time to LEAP?

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