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WISE* Women's Call to Action

Ten months ago, in a very different world, I started The Whole Wellness Project, LLC. I intended to join together women in my community – Rogers Park, a small Chicago neighborhood – to connect, collaborate, and cooperate to optimize their wellness and that of their neighbors, friends, and family. But now I see the call is bigger, the need is greater, and I must open more, offer more, think outside myself. I must create a virtual community of women committed to embracing the whole wellness mission because the world needs us to rise and meet the challenges of our times.

We are living and dying through a pandemic, against the backdrop of racial injustice and social inequity. It is forcing some of us to work faster and harder than ever before. But it is also forcing a good majority of us to slow down, isolate, and go within. This is not an accident; it’s what the world needs.

The world needs us to wake up, to see the chaos and the havoc modern society has created…. mass shootings, hate crimes, systemic racism, polarized world views, the demonization of the “other,” addiction, obesity, chronic disease, escalating numbers of refugees, oceans of waste, climate change, planetary destruction, political upheaval, economic polarity, food scarcity, disconnection and anger, cyberbullying, wildfires, locust swarms, species extinction…

Am I being too serious? Scaring you? Maybe I am, but the truth is my olive branch.

We are increasingly caught up in the fray and standing still feels impossible amidst the tornados, hurricanes… tsunamis of increasingly horrific trends that reflect our world as it careens from one crisis to another…

What can one person do? … Nothing?

I say “Everything!”

Only YOU can stop the madness. Only YOU can right (and write) your own life. Only you can choose where you stand… for the chaos of the world, as it exists today, or against it.

If you would stand against it, you must value yourself as an individual and ask yourself “What would it look like to honor my needs… to be well, to feel well, to do well?” I’m on a mission to create a tribe of women who want to be well and be whole so they can grow their energy, power, and compassion and invest it to change the world, make a difference, help those in need, and heal all of us… from the inside out.

What do I want you to do…?

I want you to ACT…

To commit,

To collaborate, cooperate, connect,

To recognize and understand, that your choice NOW, at this time, to accept responsibility for your wholeness and wellness is the biggest and most important thing you can do, the CRUCIAL journey that you can undertake to contribute to the thrival of humanity.

Spell-checker wants me to change that word…”thrival,” but I won’t do it because it is exactly what I mean.

This journey begins at home, inside each of our hearts and minds, deep in our souls. It is a commitment made by one woman at a time. But not alone.

Together, we can…..

Say yes to ourselves and no to the chaos around us.

Help each other find our way through the darkness.

Explore what it feels like to be well.

Gather the fractured pieces and parts of our multiple selves.

Move toward becoming whole.

Become wholly ourselves.

Make a bigger difference in our world.

I know we can do this, and with your help, I know I can keep doing this.

What do I want you to do…?

I want you to take the first step, a baby step, a micro-step. I want you to make your own wellness a priority because even if you can’t see it today, that step and those that follow will empower us to help and to heal our tortured world.

My dream for our Tribe…

Together, as WISE* Women, we:







Soul by Soul,

We Become Whole.


Change begins within.

Let’s make this journey together. Will you join me?

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