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Women's wellness begins

with embracing our multiple selves...

spiritual | emotional | physical | social | intellectual | vocational

and caring for them with self-compassion

Need some Compassion...?

Need some Compassion...?

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What is "Whole" Wellness?


  • Honoring our six selves.

  • Gathering & nurturing the pieces & parts lost along the way.

  • Accepting the parts we'd rather deny & owning our pain.

  • Being brave enough to change what no longer works.

  • Journeying to become ourselves.


Whole Wellness empowers us to value ourselves

and achieve our goals,

because no matter what we want, when we engage our

whole and well selves, we are invincible! 

Women often want more for others than for themselves. 

But here's the conundrum:

To help others find their JOY we must first find our own!

The Journey to Whole Wellness
begins with simple steps......

  • Embrace yourself today, without judgment, AS-IS!

  • Ask and Listen:  What do you want? Now, and in the future?

  • Create a moment of time to step toward healing!

A  serendipity:

"HEAL"  is derived from the German "heilen"

which means "WHOLE"


Change Begins Within.

garden goddess

The WHOLE Story

My name is Michelle Thall, and I founded The Whole Wellness Project (TWWP) in 2020 to help women create multi-dimensional wellness. 

We are all worthy, just as we are!

We deserve self-compassion, joy, peace, and love. Let's come together, wherever we're at, to help each other: 

MOVE beyond pain & suffering,

REGAIN comfort & peace, 

CREATE empowered lives &

BECOME our whole best selves.

Outdoor Meditation

Becoming Ourselves 

This is the mission we are each born with and our primary responsibility to the universe. Simple, yet quite a challenge, but, together we CAN do it!

We are more than just mothers, daughters, wives, lovers, and friends... beyond roles as housekeepers, cooks, caretakers, employees and entrepreneurs. 

We are the product of  our SELVES, exponentially, kaleidoscopic beings.

We are women!

Strong, Powerful, Supportive,

Worthy of all the JOY life offers.

Just be you

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Why Whole Wellness with TWWP...?

Blending these key ingredients, we offer resources to help you create kaleidoscopic rewards:

  • More..... Energy, Power, Joy, Love, Peace, Serenity, Efficiency, Confidence, Purpose, Time

  • Less....... Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Suffering, Frustration, Fear, Doubt, Confusion

Our mission is to serve women journeying toward multi-dimensional wellness, women dedicated to creating the lives they were born to live. We envision a tribe of Whole, Well and WISE* women capable of anything and everything.

WISE* = Whole-In-Soul-Empowered


Whole Wellness




Six Selves

Contact Us

Greenleaf Art Center

1806 W Greenleaf Ave, #45

Chicago, IL 60626, USA

(773) 357-7293

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